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Welcome to Okanagan Harvest!

I am very sorry to say we will no longer be shipping fresh cherries by mail. My Husband Greg passed away this winter and we are scaling back all of our operations.

Okanagan Harvest is a family farm located in the beautiful South Okanagan Valley in Oliver, BC. Greg and Chris Norton are third generation farmers of the Norton farm established in 1923. We took over the farm from Greg’s father in 1986.

Our sun dried cherries are preservative-free and have no added sugar.  They have the same extraordinary qualities as our fresh cherries.

A note from a happy customer: "Hi Chris,  I suffer from gout and I try to eat different cherry products to keep the symptoms at bay. So far I've gone almost 4 years without any problems. Dried cherries are a great option for winter time as well as juice, jam and of course pie (strictly for medicinal purposes)! I look forward to receiving my order.

All The Best, Steve"

For more information on Okanagan Harvest please visit About Okanagan Harvest.


Farm Address: 5525 Sumac Street, Oliver, BC

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I am sorry to say we will no longer be shipping fresh cherries by mail. Please feel free to come by the orchard in Oliver and pick up a box in July!  Prices are considerably less without the postal charges.


Sorry we are no longer shipping fresh cherries by mail. Rainiers are sweet cherries with a thin skin and thick creamy-yellow flesh. Available only in 10 lb. boxes because they are fragile. 


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