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Cherries are the mainstay of our family run third generation farm in the South Okanagan. Our exceptional fresh cherries are enjoyed around the world and throughout Canada.  Try our sun-dried cherries, preservative free, no sugar added, for a winter treat.

Okanagan Harvest is a family farm located in the beautiful South Okanagan Valley in Oliver, BC.  Greg and Chris Norton are third generation farmers of the Norton farm established in 1923. When we took over the farm from Greg’s father in 1986, we quickly realized that selling fruit through traditional channels was not sustainable so in 1989 we began packing and exporting our cherries.

We learned a lot about producing and processing cherries that would pass the standards of a very fussy international market. Over the years, we have become frustrated that Canadians do not have easy access to our amazing cherries, loved and demanded all over the globe. Just why is it that people in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Madrid and even Moscow have enjoyed the fruits of our labours and not Canadians in Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Hamilton or St. John’s? Good question, eh!

Many of our new varieties were actually developed at the federal government Pacific Agriculture Research Centre just up the road from us, all of our team is Canadian (mostly from Quebec), we even use Canadian Helicopters to dry off the fruit after a rain and yet very few Canadians have access to our export quality extraordinary cherries.

So here we are. After 25 years of focusing successfully on markets around the world we think it’s past time Canadians enjoy the experience of Okanagan Harvest cherries. We grow them with care and affection using the most up-to-date techniques and technologies so we can deliver the best you’ll ever eat.


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