So which cherries do I order?

We recommend that you order the freshest cherries available….. all the varieties are exceptional and will be received with pleasure. If you are familiar with the different cherry varieties, by all means specify your preference. Descriptions of our varieties are listed below.

You can pre-order now, specifying your variety choice and be notified of the ship date via email and/or phone or take the freshest cherries available at the time of your order in July and August. All of our cherries are packed in special Long-Life bags the same day they are picked, quickly cooled and stored immediately in our temperature controlled storage cooler. They are guaranteed to arrive in pristine “export quality” condition.

Okanagan Harvest guarantees you have never tasted cherries as good as ours!

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HARVEST SCHEDULE: All havest dates for cherries are subject to weather fluctuations.  These dates are averages and each variety is harvested over a number of days.

  • Van:                     June 30-July 3
  • Rainer                July 4-15
  • Lapin                  July 7-15
  • Sweetheart        July 15-18
  • Staccato             July 25-Aug 1

Available in 10 and 20 pound boxes only. 

10 pound box red cherries $50 freight included

20 pound box red cherries $ 80 freight included


Because of the delicate nature of our yellow cherries, the Rainiers, they are only available in 10 pound boxes.

10 pound box yellow cherries $50 including freight


Fans of Rainier cherries love the super sweetness and creamy-yellow flesh with its blush of red on the skin.... Truly a beautiful fruit. It is extremely fragile however and bruises easily. Extreme care is taken with its harvest and packing is often done with little white gloves!


Our biggest crop of cherries is picked for several weeks in the middle of July. Lapin cherries are similar to Vans in flavour and shape but generally grow even larger! You will be shipped our very largest cherries with none under 9.5 row.


Just as its name implies, Sweetheart cherries are shaped like a heart with very crunchy texture but a slightly less sweet flavour. The cherries are redder than lapin cherries and keep a VERY long time. We use a special packing bag that allows the cherries to breathe and as long as you store the cherries in the fridge, you will be able to enjoy them for weeks.

email with any questions. Chris will be happy to help you.

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